Empowering Small Businesses and Freelancers with Simple, Efficient, and Affordable Financial Software

Beellar allows you to create and send invoices to clients for products or services rendered. It includes customizable templates, the ability to add your branding, and more.

About Beellar

Beellar is a product of Maxibern, a leading IT firm in Ghana that specializes in software solutions, website development, digital marketing, corporate branding, training, and consultation services.

At Beellar, we’re passionate about providing innovative invoicing and financial software solutions that help small businesses and freelancers manage their financial operations seamlessly. Our comprehensive platform offers a range of features, including invoicing, payment processing, expense tracking, and multi-business management, all designed to streamline your financial workflow.

Mission & Vision of Beellar


To empower small businesses and freelancers with intuitive, efficient, and affordable invoicing and financial software, simplifying their financial management and fueling their growth.

Multi-business Management

To be the go-to financial software for small businesses and freelancers in Africa and to make financial management accessible and stress-free for all.

Multi-business Management

To empower 1 million small businesses and freelancers in Africa with simple, efficient, and affordable invoicing and financial software by 2050.

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Why Choose Bellar?

Choose Maxibern because we make your business shine online with smart solutions and friendly expertise, helping you grow and stand out in the digital world.


Automate repetitive tasks and dedicate more time to business growth.


Impress clients with customized, branded invoices and payment options.

Financial Visibility

Gain a clear overview of your business finances with expense tracking and reporting.


Manage multiple businesses effortlessly, tailored to individual branding requirements.

Revenue Growth

Focus on core business activities, leading to increased productivity and earnings.


Enjoy cost-effective and scalable pricing, without sacrificing quality or features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about Beellar – The All-in-One Invoicing and Accounting Software.

Beellar is an invoicing and accounting software designed for individuals, freelancers, and businesses to manage their finances efficiently.

Beellar offers features that includes but not limited to invoicing, expense tracking, income tracking, financial reporting, tax calculations, inventory management, client and supplier management, multi-user access, and much more.

Beellar is beneficial for individuals, freelancers, and businesses who need assistance with managing their financial transactions and invoicing.

Yes, Beellar has the ability to generate professional-looking invoices for your business.

Yes, Beellar offers expense tracking, allowing you to easily record and categorize your business expenses.

Yes, Beellar provides comprehensive financial reporting, giving you insights into your income, expenses, and overall financial health.

Yes, Beellar allows multiple users to access and collaborate on the software simultaneously, making it ideal for team collaboration. You can add your accountant, auditors, co-workers etc., and determine what particular feature they can have access to.

Yes, Beellar is a cloud-based software, meaning you can access your financial data from anywhere at any time.

Yes, Beellar automates tax calculations, making it easier for you to determine and keep track of your tax obligations.

Yes, Beellar offers inventory management capabilities, allowing you to keep track of your product stock levels and streamline your sales process.