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Automated Accounting & Bookkeeping

Automated Accounting & Bookkeeping

Simplify your invoicing and billing process with Beellar’s user-friendly platform. Create professional invoices, track payments, and manage your cash flow in real-time. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to more free time to focus on growing your business. Plus, accept payments online and offline, making it easy for clients to pay you. Learn more about Beellar’s invoicing and billing features and start streamlining your financial management today!

Streamlined Invoicing & Billing

Take the stress out of accounting and bookkeeping with Beellar’s automated features. Our platform integrates with popular payment gateways and accounting software, making it easy to track your expenses, income, and assets in one place. Get real-time reports and insights to optimize your financial performance and make informed decisions. Learn more about Beellar’s automated accounting and bookkeeping features and start saving time and money today!

Streamlined Invoicing & Billing
Secure & Scalable Cloud-Based Platform

Secure & Scalable Cloud-Based Platform

Rest assured that your financial data is safe and secure with Beellar’s cloud-based platform. Our platform is scalable and reliable, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and efficiently. Access your financial data from anywhere, on any device, and collaborate with your team and clients in real-time. Learn more about Beellar’s secure and scalable cloud-based platform and start enjoying the benefits of cloud accounting today!

Key Features

From effortless invoicing to simplified accounting, Beellar has everything your business needs. Explore our features below.


Beellar allows you to create and send invoices to clients for products or services rendered. It includes customizable templates, the ability to add your branding, and more.

Accept Payments
Accept Payments

With Beellar, you can accept online payments via Visa/MasterCard, Mobile Money, as well as offline payments directly by sending your invoice link to your clients.

Multi-business Management
Multi-Business Management

Manage all your businesses in one account without the need to create seperate accounts. You can set the logos, business information, colours etc. for each business without hassle.

Track Billing & Expenses
Track Billing & Expenses

With Beellar, you can input and categorize expenses, such as purchases, bills, and operating costs. This helps you monitor your spending and manage your budget.

Add Customer Data
Client & Supplier Management

You can store contact information of your clients, customers, and suppliers, making it easier to generate invoices and manage communications on the go.

Branding options
Branding Options

Add your business logo, colors and buisness details etc. Beellar allows your custom made invoice to wear your business identity and brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Beellar, you can create professional-looking invoices, estimates, and receipts that reflect your brand’s identity.

Yes, you can customize the templates to match your brand’s style and add your logo, colors, and more.

Beellar’s platform is secure and scalable, with data encryption, backups, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your financial data is safe.

Beellar integrates with popular payment gateways to accept online payments, and also allows for offline payments.

Beellar allows you to set up recurring invoices, automate payment reminders, and track payments with ease.